about ampal


Our aims are to:

  • Promote a better understanding of the value of music (and the copyrights in music);
  • Promote and protect the economic rights of creators and administrators of copyright in music;
  • Provide opportunities for the role of music publishers to be better understood;
  • Represent the interests of music publishers to government, the music industry and the public;
  • Work with other members of the music industry to increase the creation, use and enjoyment of music across Australia and New Zealand.

Who Are We

AMPAL is a trade association with more than 50 music publisher members (see Members List) in Australia and New Zealand. Between them, our members represent over 90% of the economic value of the music publishing sector.

Originally formed in 1956 by seven Australian music publishers, AMPAL was established at a time of change for the industry. Television was becoming a second major user of music for broadcast purposes, and Australian music was being exported, particularly to the UK, for the first time.

AMPAL is a company limited by guarantee (see AMPAL Constitution) with an elected Board of 15 member representatives (see AMPAL Board). Five members of the Board retire each year by rotation and, if eligible, may stand for re-election. All members are encouraged to participate in AMPAL’s policy-making.

What Do We Do

As the representative body of music publishers in Australia and New Zealand, AMPAL:

  • collects statistical information about the economic value of music publishing;
  • provides a forum for music publishers to discuss matters relating to the industry;
  • provides information to Government, the education sector and the general public about the role of music publishers and the copyrights in music which they administer;
  • represents music publishers to the broader industry; and
  • makes submissions to Government on matters affecting the industry.

AMPAL does not grant licences for the use of music; for further information contact APRA AMCOS, or the relevant music publisher directly (see Members List).