AMPAL delivers its submission to the ALRC's review of Copyright and the Digital Economy.


The Australian Law Reform Commission has been instructed by the Attorney-General to conduct a  review of Copyright and the Digital Economy with special emphasis on whether there is a need for more free exceptions to copyright or more statutory licensing provisions. They released an issues paper in August seeking submissions from interested parties. The Issue Paper is available here:

AMPAL- along  with more than two hundred other organisations - has made a submission to the Review. AMPAL questions the rationale for a number of the proposals floated in the  paper and has argued that any proposed exceptions or statutory licences must be subjected to evidenced based impact assessment.

AMPAL has also stressed the importance of a strong copyright regime to encourage and reward creators of music and those who invest in them. 

All of the submissions received by the ALRC can be found here:  

The AMPAL submission can be found here