Digital Copyright Exchange proposed in the UK

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The Intellectual Property Office in the UK has released its report into the feasibility of developing a Digital Copyright Exchange. The report’s two key recommendations are for the creation of a not-for-profit industry-led, industry-funded Copyright Hub, and the establishment of a steering group to drive forward and oversee the design and implementation of the Hub.

The Copyright Hub would have five main purposes, to:

The Chief Executive of PRS for Music, Robert Ashcroft, was quoted as saying: “We both welcome and support the findings and will work with our partners in the industry to meet the challenges he identifies, providing a better licensing environment for all. Looking ahead, we believe that the Copyright Hub recommended by Hooper could place Britain at the very centre of the global, online market for the creative industries. Coupled with industry efforts for a Global Repertoire Database (GRD), it will prove to be a critical building block in what must inevitably be an international project.”

The report can be found here: