Australian writer gets a million hits on YouTube

Matt Walters 2012.jpg

When 26-year-old Melbourne singer/songwriter, Matt Walters, walked away from a 5 album deal with Universal in early 2012, he had decided to quit music. After years of touring Australia and overseas, and releasing his debut album, Farewell Youth (2011), he’d simply had enough. The album had been critical praised, yet failed to connect and Australian radio were less than interested. Unbeknownst to the struggling singer/songwriter at the time, half way across the world, an aspiring photographer had decided to pair one of his songs, the six and a half minute ballad, I Would Die For You, with a portrait she felt matched the music nicely on YouTube. Since then, through sheer word of mouth, the video has received over a million views and has reignited the singer/songwriters career. Since then, he has recorded a new EP in New York with McGowan Southworh (Ben Lee, John Legend) and Devin Greenwood (Norah Jones, Amos Lee). He also just re-released his debut album, Featuring I Would Die For You, online through CD Baby. "I'm now completely committed to building a career as an independent artist, seeking to create and release music directly to my fans online. I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to start over."

Farewell Youth is available on iTunes world-wide now.

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