​The Australian Copyright Council launches nationwide program of seminars

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The Australian Copyright Council will be holding a series of ‘Working with Copyright’ seminars nationally throughout 2013. These seminars assist creators and consumers in dealing with copyright in the digital age. 

AMPAL members qualify for a special discount of 10% off any individual seminar in the ‘Working with Copyright’ series. This excludes the creators’ seminars (Visual Artists & Photographers and Songwriters, Composers & Performing Artists) as these seminars have already been discounted.

Seminar Cities & Dates:

Adelaide     > 13 – 15 March

Brisbane     > 13 – 15 May

Sydney       > 17 – 20 June

Canberra    > 25 – 26 July

Melbourne  > 19 – 22 August

Perth            > 16 – 18 September

To view the seminar brochure & program, please visit http://www.copyright.org.au/seminars/

If you would like to enrol, all you need to do is complete the order form which can be found in the seminar brochure at the above link. You must write "AMPAL" and your latest invoice number anywhere on the form.