Catherine Gerrard steps down as Chair of AMPAL

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The Chair of AMPAL, Catherine Gerrard, has resigned from both AMPAL and as Executive Director of All Music Publishing & Distribution in order to take on a new role at APRA|AMCOS.

Catherine will become responsible for all APRA|AMCOS’ print licensing. She will also be taking on a number of other consultancy roles.

The General Manager of AMPAL, Jeremy Fabinyi, commented that Catherine’s departure will be a big loss to AMPAL. On the other hand, she will continue to serve the publishing community in her role at APRA|AMCOS.

“Catherine has provided monumental service in her time as Chair of AMPAL. She showed an unrivalled commitment and enthusiasm to push the organisation forward. We will miss her.” 

Matthew Capper, new AMPAL Chair

Matthew Capper, new AMPAL Chair

The new AMPAL Chair is Matthew Capper, Managing Director of Warner/Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd. He is also a Director of Chappell & Co (Australia) Pty Ltd, Wallaby Music Pty Ltd, Warner/Chappell Pty Ltd, the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society Limited and Non-executive Publisher Director of APRA.