UK Government delays the introduction of private copying exception

The UK Government planned to change UK Copyright Law to allow private copying from June this year. The changes would permit consumers to copy their lawfully acquired music files onto their music player of choice for their personal use. However the changes have been temporarily put on hold while further consideration is given to how such changes fit with European law. Changes to allow parodies are also being reviewed. The changes arise from the Hargraves Review of Intellectual Property. 

The proposed changes are a long way short of the recent proposals by Australian Law Reform Commission to introduce an exception to copyright infringement for the "fair use" of copyright material. The "fair use" concept was specifically rejected by the Hargraves Review. The UK changes mirror 2005 changes to Australian Copyright Law. Apart from private copying, they also introduce a number of other exceptions including for archiving. Details of the proposed UK changes can be found here:

An article on the delay can be found here: