AMPAL appoints new General Manager

AMPAL has appointed Matthew O’Sullivan as its new General Manager.  O’Sullivan is taking over from Jeremy Fabinyi, who is stepping down from the role this week.

O’Sullivan has been the Company Secretary of AMPAL since 2012 and has taken a hands-on role in the management of the company with Fabinyi over the past 12 months.

O’Sullivan has previously practised as a lawyer in Sydney with further experience in the UK, and brings to the role a deep knowledge of the organisation and its members and the issues facing music publishers today.  On accepting the role, O’Sullivan remarked, ‘I’m very pleased to be taking up the position of General Manager of AMPAL.  I’m keen to build on the achievements the organisation has made over the past few years, and I look forward to serving our music publisher members and the songwriters and composers they represent.’

The Chair of AMPAL, Matthew Capper commented, ‘We are excited to be working with Matthew as our new General Manager, as AMPAL continues expanding on its important role as the voice of the music publishing industry for Australasia.’ 

Matthew O'Sullivan

Matthew O'Sullivan